Y&P Kids

I had a chance to take some pictures of the Young and Peay kids!!
First of all these kids have some pretty awesome names (example: Talan, Kalei, Naelani, Marley, and Vance). Second they look like they belong in a kids Gap commercial, and third SEEEERiously do kids get any cuter than these ones?? Let me tell you a little bit about them. . . Talan loooves bowties, which worked to my advantage. Kalei giggled the whole time telling me about boys. Naelani is the cutest little ball of energy I have ever seen. Marley knows how to pose for the camera. Vance is just a few weeks younger than Bentley and can run faster than lighting and is so so so cute. Have I said these kids are cute enough times yet? Well, time to see for yourself! It was hard to pick just a few to show you guys, so here is more than a few :)

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