On to another couple, but this is no ordinary couple. Kam and Jared used to work together. We became friends, and have had a lot of fun together. Last year we went to a cabin with them for new years and had a blast. We played some pretty fun games, I got to see Jared jump up and down like a monkey, talked with Melanie about her 1st marathon training and had a blast. I remember thinking, you ran 19 miles today? Who does that, who can do that? Then when I got involved in running more I realized anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Jared recently finished an Iron Man, and I am thinking to myself, who does that, who can do that? They are both planning on running another full marathon in January. Jared and Melanie have also inspired our little families tesitimony about eternal families. A few months ago they welcomed a sweet stillborn baby boy, Brixton McCay, into this world. He was so perfect that Heavenly Father needed him home a little bit early. This has made me cherish every moment I have with my sweet little girl. I hope that they can be examples to you. Jared and Melanie are going to be the most amazing parents someday soon, I just know it.

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