Layton Family

Meet the Laytons, some of my very favorite people ever!  I am so lucky to be able to call them family and have them live only a few minutes away. What a treat its been to get to know them. We had so much fun taking these pictures-hopefully they enjoy them like I do! 


oh Darling!

Meet the Darlings, some of my favorite people I've met since we've moved here to Colorado. There kids are adorable and the sweetest to my little B. Take a look at their pictures-I would like to be cheesy and say how darling they are! Here is a teaser... 


Larsen Family

A while ago I had the chance to take the Larsen kids pictures. This last week I got to meet up with the whole family and get them all together for pictures. We drove up to the mountains and had a good time. Thanks for being such a fun cute family to take pictures of!!


Orr Kids

These are the cute Orr kiddos! In about four more weeks their mom will be having another little one. They were so much fun to take pictures of! Enjoy.


friedrich babe

What a perfect little angel this little boy is. He is wonderful in every way. Congrats Friedrich family for the beautiful addition! Thank you for letting me come see sweet Oscar when he was just a few days old at the hospital.

peterson clan

What a beautiful family I had the chance to take pictures of! All these kids are just so cute and fun. They made my job easy :)


larsen kids

These Larsen kiddos are very photogenic and adorable to say the least! I had so much fun taking pictures of them. Here is a little peak of their pictures. Their dad was hard at work playing for the Denver Broncos, but there mom was there and I convinced her to get in a few-isn't she darling???


J and S part deux

I seriously cant get enough of this couple!!! They are really darling!!! Here is an overload of pictures for the bride-cant wait till she can see all of them.

**a thanks to the bride's sister lisa-she was my unassigned assistant throughout all of these and was amazing!!!


S & J part 1

What a great opportunity I had to come back to AZ and take pictures of the most beautiful bride with her groom!! They were so cute and such troopers during these pictures in the hot summer. Here is a small sneak peak of whats to come. Cant wait for the wedding tomorrow!!!