Clonts Family

The Clont Family. This family is picture perfect. We were in the same ward for a couple of years and were pregnant together. Now here she is again, pregnant with another little boy, and you can still barley tell she is pregnant. Isn't she adorable? Her son Nixon reminds me so much of Bentley. He looooves music, yo gaba gaba, and is smart as a whip! Jenn is a wonderful 4th grade teacher and has already taught her son so many things. She works hard and comes home and works even harder. Hope you guys enjoy your pictures!


Jes and Mac

These are the Rainwaters. Jessica and I went to high school together, we were pretty good friends for a couple of years. The time that we spent together was priceless! Once we were stuck in a snowstorm together, on the rim, in my piece of you know what neon. Jessica and Danielle shrilled the whole time which made it totally easy for me, the driver, to concentrate. Jessica taught me all about the importance of expensive makeup (even though I somehow find myself at the target cosmetics section), made me laugh until my stomach hurt, and we shared many stories and trials to help each other during some hard years. Thanks for letting me be apart of your family pics this year, next time please bring that cute dog bikini :)



On to another couple, but this is no ordinary couple. Kam and Jared used to work together. We became friends, and have had a lot of fun together. Last year we went to a cabin with them for new years and had a blast. We played some pretty fun games, I got to see Jared jump up and down like a monkey, talked with Melanie about her 1st marathon training and had a blast. I remember thinking, you ran 19 miles today? Who does that, who can do that? Then when I got involved in running more I realized anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Jared recently finished an Iron Man, and I am thinking to myself, who does that, who can do that? They are both planning on running another full marathon in January. Jared and Melanie have also inspired our little families tesitimony about eternal families. A few months ago they welcomed a sweet stillborn baby boy, Brixton McCay, into this world. He was so perfect that Heavenly Father needed him home a little bit early. This has made me cherish every moment I have with my sweet little girl. I hope that they can be examples to you. Jared and Melanie are going to be the most amazing parents someday soon, I just know it.


Y&P Kids

I had a chance to take some pictures of the Young and Peay kids!!
First of all these kids have some pretty awesome names (example: Talan, Kalei, Naelani, Marley, and Vance). Second they look like they belong in a kids Gap commercial, and third SEEEERiously do kids get any cuter than these ones?? Let me tell you a little bit about them. . . Talan loooves bowties, which worked to my advantage. Kalei giggled the whole time telling me about boys. Naelani is the cutest little ball of energy I have ever seen. Marley knows how to pose for the camera. Vance is just a few weeks younger than Bentley and can run faster than lighting and is so so so cute. Have I said these kids are cute enough times yet? Well, time to see for yourself! It was hard to pick just a few to show you guys, so here is more than a few :)


P and Z

After the Davis family shoot I stayed at the PB to get some pictures of the cute couple Paige and Zack. They are so in love, which made them a breeze to shoot. Once again, here is just a few of the many cute pictures we captured, thanks for being a fun couple to take pictures of!!
PS, more pictures to come next week, new couples, kids and families, and some new locations-I promise :)


Davis Fam

The Davis' were such a fun family to take pictures of!! They had three beautiful daughters that were perfect for the camera, even the two year old :) I hope they enjoy their pictures, here is a little peak at the shoot for everyone to see!


Weight Family

I am lucky to say that I have a lot of really great friends. Shelby and Brigham are some of them. We had a chance to get together and do a photo shoot. I was a little nervous at first but when working with the perfect couple and most adorable baby boy Maddix it is impossible to get discouraged! The little guy did great and I had a lot of fun. I have always had a real love for photography but never really had a chance to learn about it.  It was a blast, and they were an adorable couple to shoot for!

Cant wait for you to see the rest shelb, these are a few of my fav!